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This is My HARDCORE Home Pizage

Welcolme to my brand new page. This page is going to be the best web site ever. Its mainly going to be about things like kidnapping, baloons, cheese, pirates and mostly travis. Please enjoy it.

Why am i making this site?

I realy dont have a reason to make this wizeb site. Its hella easy though. I know everyone is going to try and be like me and make one now. jerks

My STD's

If you know me you will know that i have tons o' STD's. They just seem to follow me every where. If you ever make phisical contact with me your will problay get herpies or some thing fun like that. I have so many STD's i dont want to list them all. I got most of them when i fell asleep on the bus and the bus driver took advantage of me.


That is the funniest thing that i have ever seen in my life. it is so wrong.

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Travis's dog

Travis Dalton sent me this picture and i think that it is very offensive. I dont hate negroes but Travis Dalton sure does.

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